accelerate your IMPACT!™

Learn how to attract your ideal clients with words they want to hear

What is the number one question asked in business settings, whether formal or informal?

“What do you do?”

The answer to this question can determine whether people will tune you out or take the next step with you. This is your first opportunity to get them in the door. So, you want to be able to answer that question in a way that is CLEAR, CONCISE and COMPELLING!

The Accelerate Your IMPACT!™ program will arm you with the tools and resources to effectively answer this and many other crucial questions about your business. You will be able to genuinely engage the people you meet at social settings, network events and business meetings. Attract your ideal clients with the words THEY need to hear.

In this IN-PERSON, full-day Workshop, you’ll get to spend the day with a group
of like-minded entrepreneurs, networkers and business professionals!

You will:

1. Define your Personal Brand of Service
2. Identify the specific group you will serve
3. Identify the specific problem you will solve for them
4. Develop your clear, concise, compelling answer to the question,
“What do you do?”
5. Set a SOLID foundation for your marketing strategy to get your business GOALS MET THIS YEAR!

– and –

As an added bonus, Get the Powerful Preparation Pre-SessionsTM

1. Learn the philosophy behind sales & marketing
2. Define your Inner Inspiration
3. Identify the strengths, skills and knowledge base that make you UNIQUE & MARKETABLE

All of this is delivered with recorded teaching sessions and live coaching calls!
You can be working on your engaging statement and marketing plan in just days!
From the comfort of your own home.

Finally, I want you to be able to apply everything you’ve learned in this program.
So, to ensure that you are successful.

You will also receive:

A Laser Focus Coaching Session™, A $500 Value!

We will dig in and work one-to-one on your individual needs in this one-hour private coaching session. Register now and become a master at delivering your message with instant impact. Accelerate your ability to make a difference for those you serve.

It’s time to Create MASSIVE IMPACT for your clients AND your BUSINESS.

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