One Woman Revolution



I wrote this poem years ago. I honestly don’t remember what inspired me to write it. But every once in a while, I look back at it and reflect….

I think to myself,


“I have it in me to start a revolution!”


A tiny pebble dropped into a lake can create ripples that extend far beyond it’s tiny size. It doesn’t matter the how simple or easy the action may seem. What matters is the ripples it creates. 


You never know when something you do will have an impact that goes far beyond what you thought possible. (For a cool story about this click here)


What simple thought can you shift? What little action step can you take?


What will YOU do today?


I challenge you.


Go ahead and drop your pebble.


The world needs YOU!


It needs your products. Your services. Your opportunities. Your service. Your HEART.


And it needs them RIGHT NOW!



Drop your pebble today!


Share the step that you will take today in the comments below.


Claim it.


Share it out into the Universe.


Let us support you.


You WILL make a difference!


One Woman Revolution

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